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  • interview // Société Perrier Beirut

    Wissam Eid, Illustrating Our Brains Out

    Société Perrier has managed to find a talented illustrator for all of you to meet. He doesn’t know how to conform. He dislikes being boxed in. He’s fascinating, really. His illustrations makes his audience want to dig deeper into their origins.

    Some of your illustrations are really out there. Could you tell us a little bit more about some of the stories behind them?
    Wissam Eid: Everything, everyone, my surroundings are oddly inspiring. I like the human body in all its forms. I like women so I think of different ways of portraying them. My mood greatly affects the outcome of my illustrations so the edgier the drawing, the louder my inside storm.

    It’s interesting to see your different styles, forms and the way through which you depict a feeling. What can you tell me about the ideas that launch you into your creations?
    I am an introvert. Words have never been my forte. I have however been very responsive when faced with a blank canvas. I go all out on my blank slips. A few years ago, my personal life took a blow and I have been feeling the ripple effects ever since. My perception got altered and I started to see life’s little monsters everywhere. On that note, my illustrations carry a hint of satire which I think makes them more realistic than other soulless pieces.

    What do you find captivating when looking at an illustration?
    Layers! I find layers extremely captivating. I have so much to say and my emotions are intermingled so I find a way to make that all surface through my layered illustrations. At the moment, bores fascinate me. I feel the need to sketch them everywhere, curious creatures. Anyway, I find that overlapping layers make an illustration so much more interesting. They mimic life in a way, with all its complications, all its factors and us, in the middle, trying to make sense of it all.

    So every illustration tells a chapter of your story? How do you feel about letting your audience in on your secret?
    I never thought of it that way, I guess. I just think of it as me expressing myself with my pencil. However, my sketches are like a diary to me. When I look at them, I remember instantly my feelings and the context in which I composed the illustration.

    What could you tell me about you that would counter my expectations of you as an artist?
    I’m organised! I love it. I have a timeline when taking on projects, so I organised my life into a filing cabinet so that everything has its rightful place and I wouldn’t waste time or ideas when I unintentionally misplace my sketches.

    Eid also works on commissioned projects and has helped co-found the magazine “La Furie des Glandeurs” which illustrates a different take on humour and satire depending on the theme of the edition. He depicts life through his illustrations, a form we as adults understand and even relate to, at times. More of his illustrations can be found on his blog:

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